This barrel aged gin is made by re-distilling malt spirit in a copper still and combining it with juniper, coriander, nutmeg, orange peel and other botanicals. The result is an extraordinarily delicious spirit best served over ice or with ginger beer. NOSE: Freshly baked fruit loaf with spiced dark fruits, a hint of candied peel, dark chocolate chips, and vanilla. PALATE: Citrus notes to start, then a touch of chocolate and a hint of marble rye bread. This is followed by dark, vine fruit notes and a gentle lift of cedar and oak. FINISH: Dry, with notes of juniper and an array of spiced notes: a combination of baking spices and deeper, peppery, menthol, mace-like notes, which linger for several minutes after sipping.


46% abv

Cotswold 1616 Barrel aged Gin