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A Rollercoaster Through Covid - Part 2

So the town fell quiet. The sound of traffic was virtually gone, the footfall had all but stopped and the only real noise to be heard was that of the of the local wildlife - William and Katie had now nailed the backing vocals to 'Moonlight Shadow' by Mike Oldfield and could give a sound rendition of 'Don't Stand So Close To Me' by The Police.

With the routine fairly well established and many of the recipes already committed to memory, the cooking rattled along at a pace. William and Katie each had their 'own' dishes that they knew well and cooked without batting an eyelid, plus if there's a joke to be made about meatballs now, they've definitely heard it. Or they've already made it up.

Katie's Balls.
Quiche - ready to portion and freeze

So with the focus on cooking every day there were bound to be a few pitfalls and perils. The most frequently lamented throughout the entire time was being able to get into the enormous tins required for that quantity of food production. Having purchased several tin openers from budget to just down right hipster, the struggle continued.

On more than one occasion the use of force came into play with a very worried looking Katie watching on...happily our dear friend Helen has rescued the situation since with some reliable, sturdy Swedish design. No one was harmed in the process - but revenge was exacted on a few tins of tomatoes.

We cannot recommend this method LITTLE enough

Don't try this one at home...

Katie amused herself with something akin to cloud gazing - except it wasn't the sky she was finding shapes in.

One thing that was rapidly becoming obvious throughout lockdown (apart from the fact that William is a patient man) was the way people were pulling together in the midst of the crisis happening around them.

Neighbours checked in on each other for the first time, people volunteered their services to complete strangers, support networks were formed.

Copper Heart - symbol of unity from JWB Plumbing

The Copper Heart - a symbol of Unity from JWB Plumbing.

From the volunteers picking up shopping, prescriptions etc to the Co-Op for staying open throughout whilst maintaining social distancing AND sourcing toilet roll fairly rapidly!

Thank you all.

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